The Adventures of Captain Cosmic is a project that I have been working on for the better part of a decade. I wanted to create something that was more than just a love letter to the Silver Age of comics, I wanted to create a book that could've come FROM the Silver age. A 'lost comic' if you will. So I took my love of that era along with my love for the classic Batman TV show, Hanna/Barbera cartoons like Space Ghost and Jonny Quest and the classic pulp character, the Phantom. Threw all that together and out came the Adventures of Captain Cosmic. A few successful Kickstarter campaigns later and I'm currently up to three published comics and a special short story in the upcoming ComicScene Annual. 
But what is the story, well:
The series follows the exploits of Captain Cosmic & Kid Cosmic, a father/daughter superhero team that defend the galaxy from space age super villains and galactic evil doers!
The Adventures of Captain Cosmic (2018)
Publisher: Frontier Comics
© Andy W. Clift
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